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Top 7 Questions People Ask Before Getting Solar Power in Sydney

Will my Solar Energy System be Connected to the Grid

90% of the solar power systems installed in Australia are Grid-connected systems. The use of off-grid set-ups are mainly confined to rural areas where it may be expensive or difficult to gain access to the power grid. In city areas a grid-connected system is the best choice as it allows you to feed the power that you don’t use back into the grid for a small credit. in most cases you are better off using the power instead of sending it to the grid as you save more money.

Are there government rebates still available?

There is still solar incentives available for home owners. They come in form of STCs (Small Scale Technology Certificates). Generally though the STCs are claimed by the retailer that you buy your system from, in return for a healthy discount on your set-up, the amount of the discount depends on the system size.

So How Much Will I Save?

How much you save form your solar electricity system is determined by two things:

  • How much power your panels generate
  • How much of that power is used by your household

Your solar system will generate power for approximately 4.3 hours per day. The amount of power it generates depends on the system size:

  • 1.5kW System – Generates 1.5kWh per hour of sunlight
  • 3kW System – Generates 3kWh per hour of sunlight
  • 5kW System – Generates 5kWh per hour of sunlight

So on average if your solar system panels are receiving about 4.3 hours of sunlight per day

After you have worked out your daily sunlight, all you need to do is follow this formula:

(System Size)  X 4.3 X (Your Energy Rate) X 365

If your energy rate is 0.23 then the expected savings would be:

  • 1.5kW  – $541 per Year
  • 3kW  –  $1,130 per Year
  • 5kW  – $1,883 per Year

These figures will be true for those who do not over-capitalise on their purchase and install a solar system that is too big for their usage, in that case the savings may be slightly less.

What Size Solar System Should I Get?

50% of P.V installations in Sydney are 1.5kW systems, this is the smallest system size available and will produce approximately 6.75 kWh per day.

In order to determine what the best size is for your home, you will need to have a look at your electricity bills to obtain your daily usage. Also, it is important to determine how much electricity you use during the day time, as solar panels only produce power during the hours of sunlight.

If you get your electricity bill and you can find your daily usage, here is a general guide as to what size system would benefit you most:

Daily Usage is > 11/kWh – 1.5kW

Daily Usage is > 15/kWh – 2KW
Daily Usage is > 23/kWh – 3kW

Daily Usage is > 35/kWh – 5kW

Does it Work on Cloudy Days?

Absolutely. your panels work by generating power off ambient light, so as long as there is daylight, your SPV will be generating power. This is illustrated perfectly by the fact that Germany is the leading country in the world for solar and they do not have a sunny climate,

How Long Will My Solar System Last?

Solar System Panels are extremely durable, they will last 20+ years and most manufacturers will provide you with a 25 Year Output guarantee which will essentially mean that you can expect a minimum of 25 years output from the panels. The other component of the system is an Inverter, in the industry most experts claim that an inverter will only last 10 years, however, many homeowners with solar power in Sydney have proven this figure wrong. Many with inverters that are still running well 20 years after installation.

What About Cleaning and Maintenance

Solar panels are designed to be outdoor fixtures. They are practically maintenance free and you can be assured that they will still be producing great output 20 years after installation, with practically no cleaning or maintenance during that period of time. In a city like Sydney, your photovoltaic array will get the right amount of rain that will clean the panels off every now and again, keeping the clear of dust and dirt.


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As well as Sydney we also service the following areas:

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