Commercial Solar Installations

Savings are just the beginning!

  • Under our Clean Power Agreement (CPA) the solar power system is installed by us on a “lease to own” basis
  • Your business power expenses are cut immediately, without the upfront cost of installing solar
  • All maintenance and repairs are taken care of by our maintenance team
  • Buffer yourself against future energy price rises
Power Bill Savings

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Clean Power Agreement vs. Outright Purchase

When it comes to finding commercial solar in Sydney, Massive Solar is one of the leading names in the solar industry. Going solar is never easy but when you can get the right solar products for your property. We understand how commercial solar requirements are completely different as compared to residential solar. The requirement for commercial properties is usually high and our skilled team can help you in finding the right type of solar system for your house.

Our dedicated team is capable enough to provide custom solutions for your solar system. When it comes to installing- they will first examine the entire location and then they will decide what type of solar system will serve the best for your purpose. Our team of specialists will also assist you wherever required and they help you in getting grid connection and approval.

When we talk about commercial solar, commercial sites tend to use a lot of machinery which thereby results in high electricity bills. This is why most commercial sites go for solar installation as it helps in cutting down on the electricity bills as well as it is extremely environment-friendly.

The reason commercial solar system is highly preferred is due to the reason that it is very easy to maintain once it is installed. Once our team has installed the entire system you will only need to maintain or clean it a couple of times during the year.

As a responsible business owner, we understand how important it is to protect your environment and be responsible for producing your own clean solar energy. When you use solar energy it will also reduce the number of fossil fuels we utilize. This will, as a result, reduce pollution and global warming and you will definitely feel good about contributing to the environment.

We at Massive solar promise you the below listed benefits when you install solar power to business

Operating costs: Solar power will reduce or even eliminate the operating costs of your building’s electricity bills. This will also have a tremendous effect on the business’s cost-saving aspect and result in further savings for your business. The per unit cost will also reduce significantly.

Good return on investment: Businesses that generate solar power gain both- long term as well as short term benefits. The government also provides incentives to companies that opt for solar power.

As and when the energy costs rise, it is highly advisable to have an in-house source of energy so that you can save a good amount when it comes to energy costs. Solar energy installation is merely an investment for better future returns. The best part is that the utility company will even pay yours for every kilowatt of electricity that you produce.

In case you have any doubts make sure to call us on 1800 912 332 and our friendly team of technicians will be happy to help you with anything.

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